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Healthy Exports -The Export Experts

Export within the health industry is tough. One does not do export overnight; it’s a specialty, a profession. We have seen many companies get lost in registrations, fail to navigate the laws of the new market or waste years trying to come into contact with a suitable client. These things cost time, money & affect morale. In short – it can all be very frustrating.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Healthy Exports we are Export Experts. We focus on the export of healthy products – predominantly nutritional (food) supplements and medical devices. Do you require help to navigate through the ins and outs of the exporting business? Do you need to find that perfect client, but don’t have the contacts or the resources? We have the knowledge, the experience and the network.

Why export?

The choice to start exporting may come from several reasons. You might have a small or too competitive home market, or you just want to grow sales. Either way: the choice to export is a long-term, strategic one. Changes need to be made within the company, registrations will take time and you unquestionably have to make costs before you see results. However, anything is possible with the proper preparation. Let’s explore your boundaries together.

Variety is the spice of life

At Healthy Exports we love variety in all things. We work with companies big and small, cultures far and wide, and products unique and varied. Giving your product the attention it deserves is our number one priority. We make the world a smaller place.

Let’s conquer another market

About the owner

Hello and welcome! My name is Jan Snippe and the common thread in my life and career is export. I was the child that instead of a comic book went to bed with an atlas, reading and looking at maps imagining what life was like in all those countries, their history, people and culture. This international curiosity translated itself into a study focussed on economics and languages. Ready for export.

I have been in the export business since 1985 and specifically in the health industry since 1997.

Married with Karin and together we have 2 sons. Both have already left home. Karin and I started the Healthy Exports journey together in 2007 and have not looked back since. When not at work we like to travel, preferably city trips. 

We are looking forward to supporting you with your export journey.

Jan Snippe